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Understanding Links Financials

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Understanding Links Financials

Links Modular Solutions is written to apply transactions based on accrual accounting practices. As opposed to a cash based system, Links Modular Solutions will calculate income based on the account/invoice creation date as opposed to the day the monies are actually received. For those not familiar with accrual accounting this may be somewhat confusing. It is necessary to understand the implications of an accrual based system prior to utilising certain functions within the pos and class modules.

Returns and refunds in POS along with family credits in Classes may have implications upon the income areas of your business. Links Modular Solutions is designed to provide you with the most accurate of income reports. This allows for a more accurate view of your business and therefore gives you the control to plan for the future knowing you are armed with an accurate indication of your present day position.

Please click the link below to download the Understanding financials in Links Modular Solutions User Guide:

PDF - Understanding Links Financials PDF

DOC - Understanding Links Financials DOC