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As the need to gain and retain customers with as little as much spend as possible becomes even more important, we must look to ensure that our processes allow us to actively follow a customers progression with our business and not let them get lost in the ‘system’. Retention is a unique module of Links Modular Solutions that allows users to setup step by step programs that are applied to a customer either at time of enquiry, or time of sale. That sale may be the purchase of a memberships, visit pass or even a booking into a class i.e. Swim Lesson. The unique setup will alleviate the need for external programs outside links to track and manage enquiries. It also ensures that regular contact can be maintained with customers and their contact tracked and managed throughout their time as a customer with the business.

Prospect Programs

Retention allows you to setup two types of programs that will be applied to prospects as they are entered into the database. Mandatory fields can be set for collection so that no prospect can be saved without the application of information such as Source of Enquiry and Type of Enquiry. Depending on the prospect program you design, the system could prompt users to follow up enquiries with a phone call, two days after their centre tour, or to send a letter if they still haven’t joined after three weeks for example. The automatic application of a prospect to the program you design will ensure that provided a prospect is entered into the database with at least their first name and surname, there is no way they can fall through the cracks.

Retention Programs

It is no secret that it is much cheaper to retain an existing customer than to gain a new one. However due to the manual work involved up until now, our retention strategies have often been limited by what we can offer based on our balance or staffing costs to retention financial gains. The retention programs within retention.link allow users to setup a specific order of steps that are followed by the customer throughout their time with your business. Whether follow up reminders are set for Fitness Consultations or Programs Shows, or it is simply a phone call to see how they are enjoying their time with you, the retention program allows you to have automatic control and not be reliant upon manual systems.

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