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Q: Bookings are the incorrect prices

- I am moving a booking from class to class and the pricing is different leaving an amount owing or overpaid

- I am booking students into the current term and now the pricing has gone back to last terms pricing

A: Each term is allocated to its type of term in the class type.

For example Current Term, Next Term

Pricing is also allocated to these same settings.

So you could have:

Current Term = Term 1 = $8.50 a lesson Next Term = Term 2 = $9.00 a lesson

Now the pricing is relevant to the Current or Next term option NOT the actuall term.

So you could book a student in for Term 2 and they would be charged $9.00 a lesson

THEN if you updated the class type you could update it to make:

Current Term = Term 2 Next Term = Term 3

BUT the pricing would STILL be:

Current Term = Term 2 = $8.50 a lesson Next Term = Term 3 = $9.00 a lesson

To avoid this instead of manually updating the terms use the MOVE TERMS UP process in the class types setup screen. This will move the terms up a level and ALSO carry the prices with it.

Q: How can I make term bookings more than 6 terms in advance?

A: For standard classes you need to create a different class type to accommodate more than 6 terms available for booking at any one time.

For holiday programs you have 2 options:

a) Make the terms longer so you have fewer terms, i.e. 2 weeks not 1 week in length, then just deselect the week they are not doing. A benefit to this may also be that if students want to, for example, book week 1 and week 2 of a holiday you need only make one booking not two.

b) Create a second classtype, as mentioned above for standard class types. For example you could have clastype SUM1 for weeks 1-6 and SUM2 for weeks 7-12

Q: Why did I get the error 'Error loading classes module (may have been terminated abnormally) Please close and then restart Links?

A: You may get the above error or a similar one for other modules, i.e. classes, pos, reporting, etc. if one of the following occurs a) A previous error was received requiring to you to close and reopen the Links module b) A previous error was received requiring to you to close and reopen the Links application c) Links was not logged out of the previous day and a 'force close' or similar caused an error requiring Links to be restarted

With each of the above, just closing Links and reopening Links may often be enough to resolve the problem, if not, you should restart the PC or manage the application using your PC Task manager. If you need more information on this process please ask your local IT person.

Q: Adding a reason for a rejection

A: You may wish to record a reason as to why the customers direct debit charge was rejected. This is entered by double clicking the customers line once you have moved them accross to the rejected side of the rejection process screen. The reason then displays on the financial screen of the members screen or the account history tab of the familiy screen for classes.

Q: Bookings are the incorrect prices - I am moving a booking from class to class and the pricing is different leaving an amount owing or overpaid - I am booking students into the current term and now the pricing has gone back to last terms pricing

A: Each term is allocated to its type of term in the class type

For example Current Term, Next Term

Pricing is also allocated to these same settings.

So you could have

Current Term = Term 1 = $8.50 a lesson Next Term = Term 2 = $9.00 a lesson

Now the pricing is relevant to the Current or Next term option NOT the actuall term.

So you could book a student in for Term 2 and they would be charged $9.00 a lesson

Then if you updated the class type you could update it to make

Current Term = Term 2 Next Term = Term 3

BUT the pricing would STILL be

Current Term = Term 2 = $8.50 a lesson Next Term = Term 3 = $9.00 a lesson

To avoid this instead of manually updating the terms use the MOVE TERMS UP process in the class types setup screen. This will move the terms up a level and ALSO carry the prices with it.

Q: Can I get a report to show the total time and average time students have spent in class levels?

A: Yes, please see below suggestion on how to obtain, export and organize information on students time in class levels.
Time Spent in Level Export (Suggestion Only)

With the above export you can identify data such as
• Students who progressed the quickest
• Students who have been in a level beyond a certain amount of time
• The average number of days students spend in a level, etc.

Q: Cancelling a Makeup Booking

A: When a student is booked into a makeup class the only way to remove that booking is to cancell it from the Cancel Student Booking Screen. This screen is found under Classes > Classes Menu > Cancel Student Booking. There is also a quick key in the family screen

Q: Changing the direct debit date for memberships or classes

A: Once you have set the direct debit date for a class type or a membership category you need to be aware of the implications of this upon your income.

For example if you always debitted on the 5th of the month and then you want to change to the 1st you need to consider the implication on your customers bills as you would be re billing for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the month.

If you are currently debitting on the 28th of the month, and you wish to change to the 1st of the month then you may want to consider changing over at the end of February.

LMS cannot advise when is the best time for you to do the change as this has an impact upon your financial reporting and accounting practices. This would be best decided by your business owner, manager or accountant.

All that aside once you have decided when to change you will need to do this from the following places

Classes: Admin > Classes Menu > ClassTypes > Direct Debit Tab > Change Parameters

Members: Admin > Memberhips/VP Menu > Memberships > Categories > Direct Debit Tab > Change Parameters

If you are unsure you should test the change in TRAINING MODE before completing in LIVE MODE.

Q: Communication Error Messages Error (2147467259)

A: In the case of the network connection being lost the first message that is received is a Communication Link Failure. Once this messaged is Ok'ed a range of messages will then be displayed depending on the requested task.

These may be similar to;

Error (2147467259)(microsoft) (ODBCSQL Server Driver) communication link failure

Click OK to return to classes

Exception occured in classes.frmMain.MDIForm_Load Please contact your application vendor and inform them of this error

(error 3251) object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation Click to return to LINKS

Exception occures in POS.Modlinks.POSInitialise Please contact your application vendor and inform them of this error (error 325)

In all fo these cases this is not an issue with the Links Modular Solutions application but an issue with the network that it is deployed accross. In the case of receving these error messages your network administrator should be contacted.

Q: Communication Link Failure Error

A: This error is from SQL referring to a link in the communication between the application and the database. This occurs when the network connection is lost, even if its only momentarilty.

As links requires a constant connection if it does loose communication then you will need to close out of links and re open the application to restore connection. You will notice these errors as the text often refers to either "Communication Error" or "ODBC Error".

If you are getting a regular occurance of this, I would suggest you contact your IT support and let them know that SQL is reporting data connection issues.

Q: Customer Card is Expired

A: When a customer's card is scanned you may receive a message that the card is expired. A card can be expired through one of two ways,

1. The card is no longer active because another card has been printed for that customer

2. A manuall expiry date has been added to the customer.

What often happens is that when printing a card for a customer the wrong customer is selected (i.e. they have the same name or a similar name as the person that does require a card). This means that once a card is previewed or printed the new number is allocated to that customer and therefore the card that they are actually in possesion of becomes expired.

No one can avoid mistakes however the best way to ensure that if a card is accidently printed for the wrong customer, that it is actually printed and then a message is sent to that customer to collect their new card when they next visit your facility.

Q: Deleting a class with student bookings

A: You cannot delete a class if there are still students enrolled or there ever have been students enrolled. You will need to enter a class cease date, remembering that you cannot cease a class if a student is still booked into the class. You can enter a date however that is inline with or after the student booking completes.

Q: Deleting a student booking

A: You can only delete a student booking permanently from your database if there is no monies (including adjustments) allocated to that booking. To remove any monetary amounts you will need to either cancel the booking and return all of the monies against it to family credit, or reallocate the monies to another booking.

For information on reallocating amounts please see article id 87

Q: What is a Squad classtype/booking?

A: A squad classtype allows for multiple classes per week to be booked with one booking entry.
The program must be perpetually billed, i.e. monthly.
This type of setup is often used for team programs that meeting regularly and offer a set price for multiple classes, or a price based on the number of classes a particular student books into.

For more information see Booking squad classes, Moving squad bookings and Cancelling Squad Bookings.

Q: Error -2147024891: Unable to perform operation. You do not have sufficent permision to perform this operation on this object

A: It looks like they are using Microsoft Exchange - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/839531

'The above error indicates that your Outlook configuration is preventing communication between Links and Outlook, possibly due to using Microsoft Exchange. We would suggest speaking with your local IT person about these factors ASAP.'

Q: Exception error when deleting classes. Received exception error when deleting classes through the Visual scheduler

A: Classes can only be deleted from the database if there are no students ever enrolled in the class and this should be done through the Admin module. (Admin>ClassesMenu>Classes)

Q: Holiday Program Classes not displaying on Visual Schedular

A: When HP classes are setup you need to make sure that the start and cease dates of the classes are correct. The class will only display on the visual schedular if they meet the following requirements

1. The term dates are correct and you are looking on the visual schedular within those term dates

2. The start date of the class is in the past and it is not yet ceased


3. The start and cease date of the classes are relative to the term dates.

The most commonly identified problem is that classes that were used last holiday program are used again but there is a cease date on the class and therefore it is not displaying for the current term. In this scenario you will need to remove the cease date from each of the classes. Ideally holiday program classes only need a cease date when they are not running for the full period of the term dates.

Q: How do I found out the total number of students in classes

A: The student booking report in Links will include students coming multiple times per week for each booking so to get a true number of students in your classes please see the attached work instruction.

Document http://www.lmsdownloads.com/documents/report.link/R006.pdf

Q: How to add a new class area

A: If you need to add a new area to your database go to

Admin > Classes Menu > Area

Enter the area name and click on the ADD button

Q: I wanted to know the number of people that can be registering online at the same time?

A: Theoretically this should be any number but will depend on numerous factors including Internet connection bandwidth, server capacity and load on the database server caused by non-ClassWeb.link activities (e.g. doing bookings through links). If there are any bottlenecks then the application would slow and eventually become unresponsive to new users, but this is true of any web site/application.

Q: Increase Family Credit Button is greyed out

A: As all family credit operations are a transaction your machine must be a till to perform an increase to family credit. To set your machine as a till go to

POS > Till Menu > Setup

You will need to select one of the exisiting till to join with or click on ADD to add a new till name to your group of tills. If you wish to isolate family credit transactions you may call your till for example ADMIN or BACKOFFICE.

Q: Invalid Entry Code

A: If I number for customer is typed in at POS and the message displayed states

"Invalid Entry Code" then you have the site setting to say only accept Links cards which means you can't type a customer in at POS. If you want to switch this option off, go to Admin > Site Menu > SiteSetup > System tab and uncheck the 'Links Cards Only' option.

Q: Manually adding a level history

A: Level history is added by when a student moves from one class to another class and the level is diffferent. The attainment date is the date the student will last attend a class in that level and the start date of the new level history record will correspond with the start date of the booking in the new class.

You can manually ammend this level history through the level history tab in the student screen. To edit an exisiting record select the line you wish to change and then ammend the details on the right hand side and click on UPDATE

To add a manual entry complete the drop down options selection on the right hand side of the screen and click on ADD

Q: Move Booking creates an extra fee

A: When you move a booking there is a relationship between the end date of the first booking and the start date of the second booking. You should always make sure that the first booking ceases one week and that the next booking starts the following week unless the student is required to attend two classes in the one week. If you don't have the correct booking dates in the move booking process then you are telling class.link that the student is going to attend two classes in the one week and therefore it will charge for both classes (TERM BOOKING ONLY). This is not a mistake in class.link but a correct calculation of class fees based on what you have told the system to do. Direct debit bookings will not add any extra fees but the student will be booked into the wrong class dates and therefore alter your booking occupancy and provide you with inaccurate

As a golden rule to help your staff complete move bookings correctly the start date of the new booking should be a WEEK after the last lesson date of the original booking

Q: Moving Over Paid Fees to Family Credit - Is there a function for moving overpaid fees to family credit or do we need to make adjustments?

A: You will need to adjust the booking line with an adjustment and then issue a family credit. Just remember that when you issue the credit it will reduce the income of the service code that you select. You must also remember that your PC needs to be assigned to a till to be able to issue a family credit from the family screen.

Q: A family has an overall balance due of $0 but a booking line balance OVERPAID and a registration balance DUE

A: To have an overpaid booking line and registration fees still outstanding you have most likely, either: - Entered a payment that should have been allocated to the registration fee due but was for some reason allocated to a booking line, or - Made an adjustment to a booking line to correct an incorrect registration balance

Your first option is to void the payment that caused the overpaid booking amount and then re-enter it, correctly applying it to the registration fee.

If you don't know which payment it was, or you don't want to affect your historical records you could follow these steps:
1) Apply a $xx INCREASE to amount owing on the booking line showing as overpaid
2) Complete a family credit increase to the same service code as above to give the family a $xx family credit balance
3) Go to class payment in pos.link and use the $xx family credit to pay for the $xx owed on the registration fee

Q: Removing Term Bookings

A: If you have completed the create next term bookings process you can reverse this process by removing all the term bookings you have created. You may need to do this for 1 or more of the following reasons

1. The prices were not set correctly 2. The term dates were incorrect 3. The wrong term was rolled over

Once you have completed the create next term booking process and realised that there is a mistake in your data then you will need to remove the term bookings before you fix your data and re run the process.

The remove term bookings process is found in the classes menu of the admin module and is called REMOVE TERM BOOKINGS

1. Select the class type you wish to remove bookings for

2. Select the term you wish to remove bookings for

3. Click on the ADD STUDENTS TO LIST button

4. Hold down SHIFT KEY and arrow down to select all the students

5. Click on OK

6. All the students in that term will be added to the list

7. Click on OK to complete the process

8. All the student bookings for that term will now be created

You can now go and ammend your term dates, or change your prices whatever needs to be ammened. Once you have made your changes you will be ready to complete the CREATE TERM BOOKINGS process again.

Q: Reporting on Student Outstanding Amounts

A: You can report on both outstanding amounts by student bookings and family accounts. This report is found in Reporting>Classes>Financial

Remember that family credit bears no effect on the outstanding balance until it is applied to a booking. To see the family credit balances, you will need to run the report by Family and then check the show Family Credits option.

Q: Setting up New Class Types

A: You will need to setup a new class type when you have a new activity or group of classes to offer, for example you might be starting infant or aduly lessons. A new class type is only required if you wish to have one or more of the following

1. A student numbers breakdown 2. Monies collected to a different service code 3. Direct Debit processed on a different date to other class types 4. The term dates are different

Q: Setting Up Next Term Class Bookings

A: Before Resetting the Term ensure that the Public Holidays have been entered correctly for the year.


1. Select 'ADMINISTRATION' 2. Select 'CLASSES' > 'TERMS' 3. Add the new term details and select ADD


1. Select 'ADMINISTRATION' 2. Select 'CLASSES' 3. Select 'CLASS TYPES' 4. Select the class you are wanting to reset. (You need to update one class type at a time.) Then Select 'TERM INFORMATION' Tab

Update the Current and Next Term Details (The current term is the actual term you are in or have just passed and the Next term is the term you are moving bookings to.) Once these details are correct Select the 'UPDATE' box


1. Select 'ADMINISTRATION' 2. Select 'CLASSES' 3. Select 'CREATE NEXT TERM BOOKINGS' 4. Select the class types you are wanting to update by ticking the box Check term to and from dates are correct.

5. Select 'OK' 6. Select 'OK' to successful completion.

Q: SMS Server URL - error the server couldn't be resolved A: If the error when sending an SMS refers to the server not being resolved you need to inform IT that you need access to the URL:


Q: Student is in the wrong family

A: If a student has been allocated to the wrong family then there is a simple to use process which will allow you to move a student from one family to another. This feature is found in the Student & Families Menu in the classes module.

Simply enter teh student ID of the student you need to move and the responsible person id of the family you wish to move them to and then click on OK.

If you do not know the family or student ID you can search manually if required.

Q: Suspending a student

A: If a student is going to be away from an extended period of time, you may wish to suspend them. A suspension is not really any different to an attendance cancellation except that at the time of processing the suspension you have the ability to add an extra fee. You can charge a customer an addittional fee for suspending their place in the class. This fee can also be negative if you wish to.

It must be remembered that suspending a student bears no effect on the fees for those classes. If the student is booked by Direct Debit (perpetual) they will still be charged and if it is by term their term fee will not be reduced.

If you wish to reduce their fees this must be done through either a family credit or a direct debit override.

To suspend a student;

1. Open the class through booking manager 2. Select the student to suspend 3. Click on the suspend button 4. Enter the to and from dates 5. Enter the fee if required 6. Click on OK

If you make a mistake or need to change the dates, you can remove the suspension through the attendance tab in the student screen.

Q: Unable to Cancel a student booking - I am having trouble cancelling a student from a LTS class, she is currently on direct debit and the family screen and student screen show her as booked in but when going to the cancel option it does not show that she is booked into any class?

A: Student bookings require that they have active attendance dates before they can be cancelled. This is becuase links needs to know what date is their last lesson going to be on. If you cannot see the student booking, the first thing to try before contacting LMS is to update your class bookings.

Q: Updating Pro rata prices

A: To update the pro rata prices for each class this needs to be completed in the bulk class PRICE update screen not the bulk class update screen. You can either change the amount by a monetary amount or by a percentage.

Q: Can I change the default of Min Vac from 1 to 0 in the Visual Scheduler?

A: You can change this in ADMIN > Classes > Class Settings > Minimum Vacancies set to 1

Q: How can I add students in Links?

A: You can add students by doing any of the following:
Booking a student into a class
Adding a student to the waitlist via Classes > Classes > Wait List Request
Clicking 'Create New Student' from the Family Setup > Family Details tab

Q: How can I remove a previously entered class absence

A: Open the Daily Attendance screen
Classes > Classes > Daily Attendance
Select the date of the absence
Select 'Show attendances' in the top left of the screen
Remove the check mark from the cancel column of the applicable student(s)