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Active Carrot FAQ

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Q:What message will a customer see if they have exceeded the permitted number of makeups for a period?
A: The below message will be received after clicking 'Book Makeup'

Q:How does Active function for multi location databases?
A: Active Carrot has the ability to display a landing or home page of all your facilities for ease of use for your customers. This is regardless of whether you are operating a multi location database or multiple databases or a combination of both.
* Locations can be linked together as required by region, state, county, all locations, etc.
* Allows users to just see these grouped locations when navigating through your pages
Please email for more information

Q:How do passwords work in Active Carrot?
A: When you create an account in active carrot your email address is your login and you will create a password as part of the registration. An existing customer in the database, or one added into Links (not through Active Carrot) is issued a login using the email address provided, with a default site password. The first time they log in they are asked to verify that they own/have access to the email account they have just signed in with. While they are on the page, an email is sent out that is related to the current browser session (meaning if they close your browser and/or wait 30 minutes the code will not work. They then enter the code (verifying that you have access to the email account) while they are still on the page and they are allowed to continue logging in.

Q:How do 'blacklist' or 'dummy' emails work in Links?
A:When customers are sent to Active Carrot for their profile to be setup it is important that dummy details do not get sent. This will avoid accounts having to be manually changed as your customers provide a real email address. You may have email collection as mandatory and therefore use a dummy email such as noemail@clubname.com. Prior to us activating Active Carrot you should provide with a list of dummy email addresses that you currently have in your Links database. These will then be setup in your Active Carrot blacklist for you so that anyone with that email address will not be setup for Active Carrot until they have supplied a real email address (real being defined as something@something.something and not on your blacklist).

Q:What Active Carrot site configuration is required for the 'parent location' in Active Carrot?
A: You just need to complete the CUSTOMER LOGIN CSSS found in Site Configuration under Branding > Branding - Customer

Q:A customer made a payment in the Active Carrot Customer Portal or when enrolling in Active Carrot but the payment is not showing in Links.
A: You are most likely missing your Web Till, this must be assigned to each location that offers online payments through Active Carrot.
For a single location database Admin > Site > Other Site Parameters > Tills
For a multi-location database Admin > Site > Setup Locations > Tills

To correct Links for past transactions just complete the payment in the Point of Sale using 'credit card' as the payment method.

Q:I have no classes showing in Active Carrot Browse
A: 1) Ensure you have published your classes (Admin > Classes > Publish Web Classes)
2) Ensure your 'days ahead setting' in either Admin > Site > Other Site Parameters (Setup Locations) > ClassWeb or Admin > Classes > ClassTypes > Web
Does not exceed your update class bookings' period (Classes > Classes > Update Class Bookings.
Click here for more information on this process.

Q:How do I activate families/customers/members for Active Carrot
A:All families/customers/members created in Links or Active Carrot are automatically activated in Active Carrot.
There is no 'activation' required.
If created in Active Carrot they can login to their account immediately.
If created in Links they can login to their Active Carrot account the following day. Links sends all new customers to Active Carrot at midnight, daily. { br}Note: The ClassWeb registration and status functions will become redundant once you are using Active Carrot for class registrations.